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  • I wish to thank Sugar River United Methodist Church for their generosity of welcoming us to set up at their location. I wish to thank everyone who baked, made crafts, and grew plants for this Lung Cancer fundraiser. Lastly, but so important - a heart felt thank you to our customers for their purchases of our many donated items and also the very generous donations. This event would not be possible without the efforts of each and everyone who participated. Lung Cancer is a very cruel disease, no one is immune to this cancer - as Jodi stated many times "I never I DREAM...".

    Shirley (Jodi's Mom) 

    Team Jodi Lou

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A special Thanks

Thank you for your support!

We at the Jodi Lou Lung Cancer Foundation have been touched by and very much appreciate the following generous donations from:

Bob & Jennifer Sawicki

Dave & Jeannie Domenget - In Memory of Don Lynch

Vicki Kipp - In Memory of Garett Kipp

The Rose Warren Fund

Chad & Kristin Kuehmichel

THANK YOU!!! -The Jodi Lou Crew